Its predominant you to purchase consumables and assets which depreciating real value for example home loans quite an occupied property baddest it’s still the asset appreciate buyout cannot claim it as a tax deduction personal loans and credit cards credit cards and personal loans are a killer especially with the younger generation you know instant gratification my generation will sorts of delayed.

Gratification now you don’t delay it indefinitely okay but you want to be smart with your money there’s a massive difference between the psychology of sophisticated investor in the average person the education Vesta focus on building equity and increasing the good debts the true aim of a property investor is to maximize the amount of money control in an a so called the real estate it’s all that leveraging equity using mortgages that’s what it is and you to do that you have to have a good relationship.

with dead because otherwise think Melbourne Property Valuers about this how you’re going to build a large property portfolio is every time you buy a property you’re taking on new mortgage if your paradigms or internal dialogue is negative and you have a negative association with mortgages you’re going to be repelling property opportunities so the number one reason we don’t buy a lot of properties because they have a fear of debt and field debt accumulation that only how to manage money that.

I know how to work out cash flow analysis and they just until it becomes too hard and you know what we just don’t another mortgage that’s the reality and I have a look at these and I’ve spoken to this you will have seen-this example before on some other videos that I’ve put up on you in YouTube but this is the difference between a gross asset.