Are not investing money every company should really invest at least percent of its income back the business good idea bad idea what the consequences are you gonna get out more read but I think this is good lots of factories in bed by companies that are in bad businesses and about the truth eventually went out if your cost structures so high you can’t compete new factories closed and I force it open a factory that factories not gonna become economically fishing in five or six years so what you gonna dos draw a lot of money down the tube and then five years later the factories going to close anyway bottom line.

I don’t think government should have anything to do with the current policy is in who’s going to change irresponsible ultimately has to come on the people who get the dividends of stockholders feel the dose-dependent to be better directed it reinvestment they should be the lightest ho and similarly so-called astrologer reinvesting too much and bad project it is their prerogative to say look that’s my cash Want that cash back so if you read stories about I think the French presidential election.

like six years ago the second policy of every company being required to reinvest was actually promoted by one of the party candidate saying this is what we need to do is to actually force companies to read but because that’s the only way you can keep growth in the economy so now let me move to a third case I remember the role you’re playing you’re playing the role of shareholders in the company went through Apple inviolate here’s my third country its British Petroleum in ninety two years and was a happy going back to British Petroleum in ninety-two I think this might be the most.

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